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Diane Samuelson

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My various reels and home studio raw sample

Austrian Audio OC18


Home Studio

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Apollo Solo

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Double-walled isolation booth, noise floor under -60db

Source Connect Standard

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I read Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar when I was 12. I loved it, or at least I pretended that I understood enough of it to love it because I thought that would make me cool.

I had been writing and performing awful plays and forcing my family to watch them since I was about 6. Theatre was this amazing, exciting thing where I could tell stories and maybe find a way to connect with people.

Eventually I discovered film, and TV, and voiceover, and a myriad of other ways to do art. I also managed to find adventure in my real life by living on three continents and acquiring an eclectic list of hobbies. Jacobean crewelwork, anyone?

I’m still just a kid who wants to make art and share it with people, but now I’m better at it. Mostly.

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